Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dishcloth exchange-1st quarter


I got my dishcloth from the monthlydishcloth exchange. Andi, the list mom, VERY generously sent me a BIG package that contained so much more than just the dishcloth, as a result of a mix up. Thank you so much for it all. It was all very thoughtful. The dishcloth alone is to die for! I am so inspired by it--it's so cute and colorful...

New Bartlett yarn!

New Bartlett yarn! I purchased this through the yahoo yarnswap group. I have been eyeing this yarn for a while. I'm thinking it might inspire me to try another sweater. (the last one was 2X too wide with REALLY long arms-err, it's still waiting for the sad day of frogging) It's glen tweed lovat.

Cotton chenille-handdye job

Ok, finally the results.
Here is how the dyed cotton chenille came out. I liked the ones that I made into pull balls, but not so much with the other colorway of blue/orange/yellow. I am thinking of overdyeing the latter with either blue or green.