Wednesday, September 20, 2006

ac moore

BTW, A.C. Moore has all yarn 20% off starting today ending next Tuesday. They usually have some good stuff. Araucania. Sugar and Cream cotton for dishcloths. Patons Classic Merino for felting.

It's looking like a sweater

Over last weekend, I worked on my SKB until I was able to join the v in front. I have since worked the front down, but am having a decision whether to switch to the smaller needles for the stockinette that I replaced the purl ridges with or not. I didn't yet, so deciding to do so would mean ripping out 5 rounds, which certainly doesn't seem appealing. So far, it seems like my sweater may be a hair big in the back. It is hard to tell given the curling. It's a big pain to try it on again after only knitting another 2 inches, but I should before starting the lace on the waist. So basically, I'm scared of proceeding. I do LOVE my yarn color though. Yay!

I also dyed some Bartlett's yarn that was natural/oatmeal to a nice superhero blue. I was figuring that the blue would be darker, given the beige-y tint to the yarn. Nope. You can't tell that there ever was another color.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Scarf: done; Quilt: started; SKB: on the needles

Over the weekend I finished my Irish hiking scarf. Final length: 56 inches. Perfect. So I used up all of that Red Heart Soft Yarn. The only problem that I have with it is that when all is done, the scarf is kind of heavy. I'm assuming with a wool, it would have not been as heavy. I have some alpaca that I will probably make a similar scarf with soon.

I also started a quilt whose design is not entirely worked out. But now I know is there, lingering, waiting for me to finish. I love the color combo of brown and blue and thought a splash of red would make it a bit more visually interesting.

In the mean time, I have cast on SKB and am now on the the 4th repeat of the total of 6 repeats. Not too bad. I should be done with this section during the weekend and then join the the body for the lace. I have certainly decided not to do the purl rows, which seems to be the trend on the KAL site.

BTW, anybody buy the new (old) Star Wars? We obviously had lot's of goodies to eat and drink during the show... my question: why did he change it?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Irish hiking scarf

Over the last weekend, I went through my yarn to organize my stash. I have almost no acrylic, only the red heart soft that I made the bunny from my first post. I was looking for some yarn to make the irish hiking scarf, inspired by a post on almostfelted and decided to eat this yarn up and get it out of my stash for good. Here are the 32" of the scarf I have so far. I actually am enjoying the yarn; it really is soft. In the meantime, my pea yarn is the correct gauge for SKB and will get cast on when I finish the scarf. I will definitely make the scarf again. I normally detest scarves, because they take f o r e v e r , but this one has remained interesting for the 32" so far. I am going to continue it until I run out of yarn.

Gratuitous cat shot to show the face from of the above tail. Yes, she is part squirrel.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A FO---What?

Ok, it is a small one. A dishrag. But it was my first Mason Dixon ballband, so that counts. To prove it worth making dishrags, I have included a pic of my kitchen cloth drawer. Here is also a picture of the yarn I dyed for the simple knitted bodice. I was going for variegated olive tones, but got more like pea tones. I actually still think it is really pretty and have since been noticing a lot of pea colored yarn out there on the web. I pretty much love all green though. I swatched the yarn, so maybe I will start the sweater soon. I am a bit hesitant because I started two tops this summer and got stuck in stockinette hell on both. Ugh. I have heard this is a problem for his pattern. But lot's of the good words otherwise on crafter.


My secret sock pal kit

Just wanted to put up picks of some sock yarn that I dyed for my secret sock pal. I really love the way it turned out and wanted to share. I dyed it with acid dye and the handy seran wrap in the microwave method. I also included a bag that I knit and felted and made some cute/easy stick markers.


Friday, September 01, 2006

More on Gaia

I am afraid to edit my last post, since blogger is annoying me right now. I wanted to comment more on Gaia though. It is super soft. I don't remember if it is Merino or not, but it is next to the skin soft. And did I mention organic. This means nicey nicey to the pretty sheepies, no hacking off neccessary (attached) skin. I am otherwise off merino, unless I know for sure it is not from Australia. I digress. I highly recommend Gaia. It is 610 yds/lb, so on the bulky side of worsted. Great for quick Xmas knits, famous last words.

Henry's attic--Simple Knitted Bodice

Ok, I think part of the reason why it is so unenjoyable to blog is because blogger sucks. I have attempted to write this post 4 times and it keeps clearing. Agh!

Back to my thoughts...
I have been scouring the internet for an affordable yarn to make the hottest pattern on the web, the Simple knitted bodice. As I am now on a yarn diet (about as successful as my butt diet), I have decided to raid my undyed stash. Last night I dyed 2 lbs of Henry's attic Texas bighorn in a slightly variegated olive, hoping to match the lovely effect in the pattern picture.

This 8lbs of NEW Henry's attic came in the mail TODAY, making my 2 lb depletion less noticeable. In the mix are Gaia, the new organic wool in worsted weight, organic cotton Inca, and 2 lbs of fingering Kona (despite the fact that I have yet to make a single sock). Here they are:


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sock Kit Exchange: I got it!!

I received my exchange bag and all of its goodies, and I just love it all. My pal was so considerate. The bag was an ADORABLE sewn mini messenger, with lots of pockets for knitting gadgetry. It was so exciting finding the tiny pockets filled with a sewing kit, stitch markers, a crochet hook, cool knitting girl mints (where did you find those?), and much more. In the bag there were lots of goodies including beautiful hand dyed worsted weight yarn and a sock pattern to match. I think this is a very good move, because I can't seem to get very far on my fingering weight socks. There were also some yummy choclates and hazelnut wafers (which I opened up immediately) and a cute matching notebook. Thank you soooo much secret pal. I really love it all. I will definitely use the bag for more than knitting. You did such a great job on it! I wish I could sew like that...

Here are some pics:

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

For sale-K1C2 Temptations $3.00/skein

Hi all,
I have two bags of 10 50g balls of K1C2 Temptations. One in color 175 Buttercream and one in color 719 lavender. This is a next to your skin soft, bulky weight yarn. Perfect for a baby blanket, a scarf, sweater, etc. I have an additional 2 buttercream balls, if you need them for yardage.

Yarn Data:

* Length (Yards): 55.0
* Weight (Grams): 50.0
* US Needle Size: 10.5
* Stiches/4 in: 13.0"
* Content: 50 Alpaca 50 Merino
* Care: Hand Wash Dry Flat

I'm asking $30.oo for each bag (+$3.00/skein for extra buttercream, if wanted). This is upwards of $7/skein on the internet.

I will take Paypal or MO.