Thursday, September 07, 2006

Irish hiking scarf

Over the last weekend, I went through my yarn to organize my stash. I have almost no acrylic, only the red heart soft that I made the bunny from my first post. I was looking for some yarn to make the irish hiking scarf, inspired by a post on almostfelted and decided to eat this yarn up and get it out of my stash for good. Here are the 32" of the scarf I have so far. I actually am enjoying the yarn; it really is soft. In the meantime, my pea yarn is the correct gauge for SKB and will get cast on when I finish the scarf. I will definitely make the scarf again. I normally detest scarves, because they take f o r e v e r , but this one has remained interesting for the 32" so far. I am going to continue it until I run out of yarn.

Gratuitous cat shot to show the face from of the above tail. Yes, she is part squirrel.


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