Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's looking like a sweater

Over last weekend, I worked on my SKB until I was able to join the v in front. I have since worked the front down, but am having a decision whether to switch to the smaller needles for the stockinette that I replaced the purl ridges with or not. I didn't yet, so deciding to do so would mean ripping out 5 rounds, which certainly doesn't seem appealing. So far, it seems like my sweater may be a hair big in the back. It is hard to tell given the curling. It's a big pain to try it on again after only knitting another 2 inches, but I should before starting the lace on the waist. So basically, I'm scared of proceeding. I do LOVE my yarn color though. Yay!

I also dyed some Bartlett's yarn that was natural/oatmeal to a nice superhero blue. I was figuring that the blue would be darker, given the beige-y tint to the yarn. Nope. You can't tell that there ever was another color.


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